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<font color="yellow">This was forwarded to me
<</font c>

I saw a commercial for the BLM Wilderness Campaign this morning on
FOX channel 11 in LA. It showed a tumbleweed blowing across a parking
and getting stuck on a chain link fence as an inner city child looked
It was narrated by Robert Redford.

Before this I was unaware that BLM was paving over designated
wilderness, and after checking out the website I learned that they allow
Off Road Vehicles to tear up wilderness too.

Oh, and I "learned" this little factoid too:

"Except for 7 areas, all BLM administered lands in the California Desert
Conservation Area are released from FLPMA 603c by the
California Desert Protection Act of 1994, and are not required
to be managed so as to preserve their wilderness characteristics."
I wonder how big those 7 areas are?

<font color="yellow">Check out www.blmwilderness.org for more info</font c>
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