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ok so im planning on moving up to the next level with my zj and going full widths and replacin my current rear dana 44 with a dana 60. this is not the shitty aluminum zj axles found under the 5.2 v8s. this is a 1988 xj standard dana 44 that has been set up so that it will bolt into any zj. the axle has been setup with the rock krawler upper triangulated 4-link system so when bolting this axle in there will be no more need for the rear track bar. the axle also has a detroit locker, BRAND NEW 4.56 gears (were replaced about 900 miles ago due to breakage), all new seals and bearings replaced when r&p were replaced and new drums and drum brakes. this axle has the 5x4.5 bolt pattern so any rims you are running now on your stock zj axles will fit. the axle is also the same width as your stock zj axles.
This axle was run under my jeep for about a year and has held up perfectly to my 36" tsls. the reason for the r&p breaking was because the original r&p installer did not know what he was doing and because he grinded the pinion shaft to fit the pinion bearing instead of pressing it on the pinion bearing failed and i had to replace everything inside the axle. the new r&p was done by a professional this time around. this is a picture of how the axle sits under my zj.... http://images.igloos.ca/d/80901-1/100_0269.JPG

i am looking to get $1300 for this axle. this is by far much cheaper than any direct bolt in you could buy from a custom shop and is still cheaper than building this dana 44 yourself. i will also throw in the dana 30 4.56 r&p as well since i have no use for them and they match the rear axles gearing. thanks.
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