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Hi, I'm going to rebuild the rear 1/4 of the frame of a 81 T sb. I'll need to remove the two rearmost crossmembers. That is, the round one that the gas tank and shocks attatch, and the goofy one at the rearmost of the truck where the spare tire holder attatches.

Heres my plan, I want to "combine" these two crossmemebers to hold a second gas tank. But I'm not planning to weld the new crossmemebers to the frame, just bolt them on. Heres my question: can anyone think of a good reason NOT to do this (bolt on those rear crossmembers instead of weld them)?? Are there any structural or safety issues here?? I do light towing with this thing.

ps. when I redid the 3/4 second of the inner frame, I had to remove the middle crossmemeber - the one above the driveshaft that the gas tank and E-brake levers attatch. Instead of welding the old one back one, I made a new one. The new xmember bolts to nuts welded on the inside of the new frame section. I'm planning to do the same thing with the rear two xmembers.

pics: http://81tsb.tripod.com/crossmember.htm

thanks in advance.
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