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About 4 years ago I sold a set of new (old style) 40" MTR's on a set of pro comp wheels to Paul (boogerweldz). He initially paid me 600$ cash and was going to make payments for the remainder. Things didn't go as planned for him and he ended up selling his truck, with the tires, which he still owed me for. Since times were not going the best for him at the time I did not bug him about the unpaid tires for about a year. I had sent him a text message and we talked about how to work things out, he sent some cash a couple times. Then it stopped. So I brought it up again and we decided he had a set of FOA coilover's he would give me for the remainder of the money. I was ok with that, but that never happened. I figured it was a lost cause but I figured I would bring it up and see if he was going to stand up to what we agreed on. I know there will be a lot of people on here that like Paul and agreeably so, he is a nice guy. But if you sell him something my suggestion is to get paid upfront for it.

I'm not writing this with any other intention other then to make others aware of what can happen if they do what I did.

This was a deal that I made with Paul since I knew him and had done deals with him in the past. Never had a problem and I still don't have a problem with him, no there was no written agreement, no invoice, nothing other then a old American handshake deal.

I don't have a link or the text messages (new phone) to back up some of the above facts I mentioned but I have plenty of PM's going back and forth about this if anyone wants to see them.
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