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Books on how to build

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My girlfriend wants to start building a mudbog/trail truck(The project would be a Ford, probably a F-250 'cause it already has a stout rear end, good motor and tranny and wide availability of parts)

I believe with the right books and the little knowledge we both have and the knowledge of her father(ex mechanic and body man) than we could start building something soon and be finished in a couple of years. Hopefully our knowledge will progress with time.

We've both taught our self how to do things before through books and I think we can do this through the use of a good book and others knowledge.

Obviously the PBB has an amazing wealth of knowledge, and I have found some good websites through the search. But does anyone know of any good basically how to build a car book? I already have a haynes for my Bronco which covers f-250's.

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I agree, but I like to be able to read and see pictures of someone mating a t-case to a tranny and stuff like that.

Not knocking the amazing wealth of knowledge here, just it'd be a PITA to post every time I had a question when I could just open a book and look at the page saying how to do it.

I'm guessing the haynes manual is gonna be the best for most of the stuff but for the big stuff I will come here
charlo said:
Mud is easy. Youll need a D60 front something big in the rear, lockers front and rear, and at least 400hp. Next put on the biggest tires you can bear to drive on with the most aggresive tread(usually boggers) and your done. Other stuff i reccomend are 35spline stub shafts for the 60, gears to go with the big tires, 500+ hp would be better, and good bumpers/ tow points front and rear.

Plan is: Late 80's f-250. Sterlin rear, 60 front, leafs, EFI 460, 39.5-44" boggers or tsl's, detroits, 4.88 - 5.13's, C6 or whichever manual tranny comes with it(ZF I think), and add accessories(winch, bumpers, lights etc). Of course everythign will get built with time and when money allows.

Project will go very slow and i'm planning on it being done in a couple of years by then i'll have a tow vehicle. It will be a pure OHV.
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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