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I'm tired of cheapo boots, that last maybe a year an then come apart on the far side of the mountain.

I am trying to keep it under $400.. considering the sidi charger, tech 7's and some of the gaerne boots look pretty good. I have no experience with any of these, thoughts? Is there one that I'm missing or one thats a Lil better?
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I've had the same pair of Tech 8's for 12+ Years. They hold up very well. That said, the Sidi ones are intriguing. The $300 I paid for my tech 8s was hard to do at the time but like everything else in this sport, invest in good gear and it will make riding more fun.
dont rule out buying used. my g10s were worn a few times before they dude quit riding due to injury. looked brand new

i wear g10s, everyone else i ride with tech 10s. one buddy kills soles (like within in a year, granted he does ride a lot) so he went with alpine star because they can be rebuilt or resoled.
Get the sidi boots. ..... if you can find them used your size great, they are night&day better than the tec8's I had before. The hinge makes them easier to walk in too.
What size are you? I have pair of Tech 8's I only wore a few times if you are interested, size 11.
I raced the Gaerne SG-10s this season and really like them. No break-in time needed for me. I've had a couple of buddies try the SG-12s and ended up going back to the SG-10s as they were more comfortable for them. I've heard great things about the Sidi Crossfire 2s as well.
Looked at the sidi chargers today.. Nice boots. Wouldn't mind seeing the sg-10's in person. Will have to hit the shops come payday.

How are they durability wise? We usually do.40-50miles of tight single track a week. And I usually end up ripping off buckles, or the material on top your foot ankle area
+1 for the Gaerne Boots

I've had the same pair for the last 10 years.
Sidi Crossfire.

thread done
I just got a pair of the Sidi Crossfire 2's as an early christmas present. Very nice boots. They do fit slim, so if you have big/wide feet try something else.

Shopping for boots for the wife, she tried on the Sidi's and they didn't fit her. Ended up trying on a bunch of different A-stars and settled with the Gaerne SG-10s for her.

Motosport.com and Rockymountainatvmc had the SG-10's for under $400 last week.
What sort of boots do you want for your ride? I think you should try Forma Adventure or Ferro Aldo boots.
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