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I am seeing if there is interest in this. I have a Parker Hunter Mag bow that I bought and setup a couple years back. I have not used it much. It has never been hunting or dry fired. It has only seen light target practice. Perfect for someone who wants to take up bow hunting. I believe the draw is 78lbs and is set for roughly 29"(stock is 28") draw length I think.


Parker Hunter Mag Bow
Cobra 3 pin sights
Carbon Express arrow's uncut with field tips (12)
Broad heads (3)
Limb Savers
Fletch hunter release
8 arrow Parker quiver
peep sight
arrow rest

Here are pics of it:

No case though so I don't want to ship if I don't have to. Will if necessary at your expense.

$400 OBO ..........The bare bow new is $330 from Cabela's.

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