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new buggy project,

So I have owned a few Subaru's and really like their 2.5 boxer motor, well i totaled one a few months ago, so decided to make a transaxle buggy out of it.

So the engine ran great before removal, and I had already replaced the head gaskets/timing belt/pullies the year earlier

The engine gets up to normal temp, I can drive it around for hours, with no problem, up and down hills, no temp problem, then i will just be gently cruising it or just ideling and the temp shoots to real hot, fans are on, thermostat is new, water circulating, top hose is hot/hard, pressure in the radiator, but one of the heater hoses is cold/soft and on is hot/hard, heater starts to blow cold. leak down test says that engine is in great shape, no leaks or bubbles, (new buggy has a heater)

So i realize this sounds like a head gasket or crack, but why would it run good for so long, then blow cold air, its like there is air in the system instead of coolant, where did this air come from

both compression and leak down show this engine as being solid, i get no bubbles or air with a leak down, and i tested the engine fairly warm. shouldn't a leak down find the problem. The leak down was kind of scary to do, it took all my strength to hold the Crank at TDC for each cylinder, with a big breaker bar. it was definetly a two person job
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