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single diaphram boosters were found stock on most 4x4s through 88.
toyota stepped up to a standard dual diaphram with the 3rd gen trucks.

the benefit to a dual diaphram booster is obviously added braking force.
a dual 5" applies as much force as a single 10" booster.

adding a larger booster to your vehicle without other mods will cause a softer pedal feel.

to the best of my knowledge.
all 79-83 have a single diaphram booster, uses a large spacer at the firewall.
84-88 exc turbo use a single diaphram booster
86-87 turbo uses a dual
88 v6 possibly
89 on uses a dual diaphram.

info previously shown says:
79-83 uses a 3rd gen 2wd booster as a bolt on conversion.
84-88 uses a 3rd gen 4wd booster as a bolt on conversion.

sorry no pics at this time. feel free to add legit info to this thread.
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