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brake lines

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ok, so what brake lines do I need to look for in a junkyard? someone said chevy I think....what model/years....
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are they longer? and what about ther rear, there are 2 brakelines instead of just the usual 1. so I guess I need to find 2, huh?
From what I've heard sprints or Metro's have long front lines.They are about twice as long as a sammy.Maybe they would work in the back as the fittings usually have the same thread.
I used toy lines, however I only have one line in the rear <IMG SRC="smilies/smile.gif" border="0">
front lines off a 2wd. chevy 1/2 ton, SWB
i have them on mine but had to do a litle grinding on the sides.......not much

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Geo metro front break lines are 21 inches long. Don't ask why they did that.
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