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Brake lock-out clarification in the rules

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Lil, I've been on this for years and years but people don't get the message often enough...we need a proper way to explain this in the rules...

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I agree with Dustin on this. I never thought that someone would purposely install an electric line lock backwards and use it to lock out brakes from working but John did it and he's not a dumb guy.
The way the rule is written, you must have atleast 1 brake pedal that applies pressure at all 4 brakes, at all times. So the extra brake buttons and such are only allowed to apply pressure, not disallow pressure. This would be the only way to have extra types of brakes and be legal.
We need to clarify what's not allowed in this case LIL...people won't think about it and are still doing it because they don't happen to dig up old threads on the forum...they don't realise it's illegal. It won't hurt to add a clarification on this particular situation as a helper to teams and a safety thing to our judges and crowd.
I agree, I don't mind putting it in the rules...
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