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I have a brand new, installed, but never run (never had gear oil in it) Atlas 4-speed. Purchased by me in February of 2009. I'm including the original build sheet but some things have been changed out.

Driver's side drop
31 Spline Input
1:1/2.72:1/3.8:1/10.34:1 Ratios
1300 series front and rear flanges
Cable shifter for planetary low-range
Universal (standard) shifters
Long tailhousing with speedometer
Clocked flat

Also includes a High Angle Driveline E-Brake (brand new, installed but never used). Willing to sell the Atlas without the E-brake.

I'll include all the original parts that came with the Atlas. Still have the gear oil and that's included, too. If any Nissan guys are interested I have an adapter to put this on your Nissan transmission that I'll sell, too.

Great way to get a brand new 4-speed without waiting 8-9 weeks!

Obviously local pick up would be great but I'll consider shipping it. Won't be cheap!

$3300 for everything.
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