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Hi all. First post here and hoping that I can get some advice.

I'm new in the world of offroading, Never owned anything that I took off pavement except for my quads. I am starting to look for a toy that I can take by two boys and go have fun on weekends. I have sort of narrowed it down to two canitidates and was hoping for everyone's opinion on which one might be better.

For reference I live in Washington and plan on using it in the hills around here with an occasional trip to the sand dunes in Oregon (I know I won't be doing anything crazy there, just a safe way to get the boys out in the sand). I don't really think I want to go crawl up a cliff (or down for that matter) but do want to be able to play in the mud and snow.

so here goes. I will try and include as many specs as possible. (guess I will have to add pictures later.)

Jeep 1:
1993 Cherokee 2 door 8.5" long arm Rusty's off-road lift kit with D30 front axle with an OX locker and 4.10 gears D44 rear with spool and 4.10 gears and has been converted to disc brakes. It ha a 4.5:1 crawl box in the transfer case and a Smittybilt 8000lb. Winch it's sitting on 36" Irocs with roughly 75% tread left. It has the 4.0 HO engine that was replaced and has 90k on it and the AX-15 manual transmission

Jeep 2:
1994 Jeep Cherokee
Custom built Jeep from C ROK in Arizona
Lockers front and rear
Chrome Ollie axle shafts front
4 wheel drive works excellent
Auto transmission, shifts excellent all gears
Custom full roll cage
Custom spare tire carrier
Custom winch bumper
All built and fabricated at CROK in Arizona
Brand new 33" Mud terrains

This one is unique in that it was a 4 door that has had everything above the window sills cut off and a complete custom cage installed including a new roof. Seems to have original windshield and thats about it. Windows for doors are plexi inserts that drop into place.

Hopefully I can post pictures soon. Then I will add pics to each jeep

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4.10s and 36s on a D30 sounds fun. :)

Both sound like basket cases. One has permanent body mods. If those are okay with you, I'd go with it assuming the drivetrain checks out as the mods make more sense with the running gear.
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