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If you really want to break them in to feel better about it then do this:

Step 1: Put vehicle on jackstands on level ground
Step 2: Put vehicle in 4hi and in 5th gear and let it idle with the clutch out (wheels will turn)
Step 3: Leave vehicle running and in gear for 20 minutes
Step 4: Change diff fluid
Step 5: Wait for diff to cool to the touch
Step 6: Repeat above steps but leave for 30 minutes
Step 6: Change diff fluid again

Voila! You have the lazy way to break in your new gears. Minimal effort required too for all you people out there lazier than me <IMG SRC="smilies/biggrin.gif" border="0"> . Breaking in gears is pretty much heat cycling them and letting them wear a little on each other. But like someone said above don't gas it your first trip out.
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