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Hi all,
I just upgraded to 4.56 gears and I love them with my 33" tires. Finally I don't have to use my clutch anymore in stop-n-go traffic and I got my 5th gear back.
The RPM's don't go up too high. I think about 3000 RPM (if even that) for the max speed (about 75) is not a problem.
I still have to get my speedo gear installed this saturday.
Question: do my front gears get broken in even though I don't drive in 4WD? Or do I need to be careful on the go pedal the first time I take it off-road?
I don't think there is alot of stress going to the front anyway, right?
Let's see who of you smarties <IMG SRC="smilies/shy.gif" border="0"> knows this one.
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