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Came home from Hollister the other night and unloaded my Toyota truck and went to Livermore to pickup my buddies Acura (AAA would only tow him 100 miles--after that the tow truck driver wanted $7 a mile!). Picked up my trailer from my buddy the other day and get pulled out of his driveway and I hear a clinking sound like chains dragging so I get out and look under my trailer and find a rear trailer axle leaf dragging the ground. I go to back up towards my buddies house and I proceed to run over my front trailer axle when I hit the brakes (trailer brakes energiezed). Turns out the front axle main leaf in front is snapped also. I had probems with my three leaf springs breaking on my flat bed single axle trailer (mainly used as a bike/quad hauler) so I converted it to Jeep Wrangler Pro Comp springs--end of problem. On this trailer I never had a problem til I put electric brakes on it--its on soft compound Yokohama DOT rubber so grips hard well over .90g no problem and brakes well too! Now it seems I may have problems on the car trailer too! This trailer came with the same 3 leaf set up my bike trailer had except it has the funky connector set up between the axles. Any way most trailers I see have 4 or 5 leafs but I like the way this set up rides and flexes a bit when driving up curbs etc but I'm wondering if this is hard on the springs and some of the cause of breakage. All my friends trailers lift tires especially when unloaded when you pull up or down a curb--mine kind of flexes... Anyway has anyone else had problems or found a simple cure. Are any spring brands better than others? I'm thinking that if anything the 12" brakes are some of the problem as I gennerally run them hot/high setting.
Maybe a link or traction bar set up or shock would help or maybe a bump stop set up for extreme heavy loads or air bags. This trailer sees regular Baja use so I'd hate to lose springs there. I guess if I can also change the springs to new ones every 5 years as these are about 15 years old now! Any help/inight appriciated!

Jason :)
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