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Hello, I am new here. A brief about me; was automotive mechanic for a while. Not the best, I got by.. After some tradeschool and plenty of time wrenching I moved on with myself.

Got a wife and kid.. she says kids.. we will see..

Am active duty military, got in after turning 30.

So, years ago my great grandmother passed away and I have access to a brougham wagon. I built a few engines and vehicles for customers.. I know nothing about offroading performance. Can work with most things and have a decent understanding.

So, I was thinking a stroked and poked castiron 351windsor(I know..) to a rough 427cubes. Idea was a roots blower and some carbs.

Plenty of power.

Thought a strong 5spd trans and a matching hi/lo transfer case would be in line.

I know the basics of welding out tube frames. Have a 300amp tig/stick welder. Also have a decent moving knee mill and a lathe big enough to cut OE steering knuckles down for putting together my own. Can do a chalk line and plumbob alignment.

This is a 'forever truck' to navigate roughish terrain and have enough umph to haul a small trailer or six to seven persons. Body needs plenty of work.

Curious if anyone has done something similar?

Looking for guidance/advice. Especially for transmission/transfer case and axles.

Oh, I grew up on a farm and know all about manually selecting the hi/lo. With plenty of experience hopping out knee deep in mud to lock hubs.

Hope to get some good feedback. Am thick skinned and eager to learn.
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