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Budget X Chassis Build

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Since I only have a 1 car garage, I needed a place to work first. I looked into material cost to design a carport and found a kit that was a little cheaper but came with plans so it would be quick and easy to permit and get assembled.

I got it from metaldeck.com and the first one was damaged in shipping so they sent a second one right out and I had it a few days later. Great Customer service!

It took a couple weekends to build and get inspections for it and all. In progress pic. Roof panels are 21' long and it is 15' wide. About 10' to roof or 9' to bottom of beams. Could have gone higher as I bought the RV kit but it would have looked funny with the house.

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I have been gathering parts for a while to do a buggy build. I now have a
- 73 chevy pickup as a donor with 383 stroker motor which is now free as I sold enough parts off the truck to pay for it. You can see how ugly both Chevies were.

- th350 tranny - free from another chevy suburban I parted

- mog 404 axles I got off the board with pinion conversions and disk brake parts, spare 3rds (conversions not done in pics)

- Hendrix x-chassis #49 bought off the board (had to paint it as I did not have covered storage and didn't want it to rust). It came with DOM option, subframe with link mounts, and rear seat bar that probably won't work with my large seat but I need a 4 seater and the 36" rear seat is a little small.

- 38x14.5x16.5 swamper SX's with beadlocks free off the chevy

- toyota steering column off the board
- PSC full hydro single end ram setup bought new with 15% discount
- 49" rear prp bench bought off the board
- ORI 16" struts new all the way around
- fuel cell with sender about 18 gal - free from chevy

- premier power welder and ready welder off the board
- JJ style rod ends new with 15% discount

-Atlas II driver drop with 3.8 ratio all 32 spline on its way

need to buy:
- on board air pump
- front suspension seats
-DOM for links
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It is about time. :flipoff2: Let me know if you need a hand.
pics. you can't start a thread like this without pics.
pics added. need to get some more of the other parts still.
Right on brotha! Welcome to the X club!

Just remember, a year from now, when the wife is pissed, you feel like you haven't seen your daughter in months, the checking account is perpetually low, is EXACTLY the time to buckle up for the final push to completion. It's a long road, but worth it in the end!

Good luck!


Decided to see how it would look at ride height. good drive shaft angle. Running out of space to work real quickly.

motor before I pulled it. Need to get some new headers before it goes back together. I think I need some coated ones to keep the heat off my feet. Anybody know how well the coated ones work from real world experience?

got the donor motor pulled this past weekend. forgot to list above that it came with a holley projection system. Made sure it was running smooth before I pulled it. Pulled with the sm465 attached and it so it was sitting at a bit of an angle but all came out smooth.

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got the engine setup level on jackstands and checked clearance for the exhaust and my current headers do not fit. Got a nice new heavy duty flex plate and new bolts to mount it. Current headers fit the frame rails by about a 1/2 inch but down below are in line with sub frame.

Motor in engine bay. V8 fills it up quick

see how high it sits

made some motor plates this weekend so I can mount it up.
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I realized it is really hard to design if you don't have all the parts in hand even if you can measure or have drawings of the part to use for reference

Decided to sell the tires and go with 42's since pitbull finally got some in stock.

for sale ad

3.8 atlas II is on its way.

Hoping it is driveable for the benders Jambo in the fall at the hammers. The hammers won't be it's first run as I will do a shakedown at the local offroad park to make sure it all works as planned.
I knew Tammy wouldn't let you run those 38's after seeing the 42 Rockers taunting you on my rig. :flipoff2:
Nice build. Now your pressuring us to get the Jambo ready for fall.:flipoff2::laughing:
- toyota steering column off the board
Strip all the plastic covers off and the ignition switch/lock, and you're left with a pretty decent column to build into your rig:

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Strip all the plastic covers off and the ignition switch/lock, and you're left with a pretty decent column to build into your rig:

Nice I never would have thought of that throw it in the toyota FAQ :smokin:
Where did you get the gas/brake/clutch pedal assemblies?
got the th350 transmission mounted today. What a pain to do by yourself with a cherry picker bringing it in through the window. Needs a cross member next.

added a midplate cause I hate finding a jackstand to keep the engine from hanging when I pull the tranny. needs to be mounted to the frame still. you can see the height of the fuel tank in the back ground.

I think the gas tank will work well to keep it low so I have plenty of room for all my gear when on the trail. Still thinking about a different tank though, as it will be a pain to fill it or route a remote fill location. Need to add some bottom ports to the tank to fit my current gravity feed pump. Just got a new pump for the old tank so I hate to have to buy an internal setup too.

higher up view of gas tank.

possible future fuel cell.

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at full bump link mounts barely clear motor

22" clearance under diff!!!!!!! sitting on 38" tires and roller is similiar height to the 42's I plan to run.
I still need some triangulation on the tube holding the chassis up.

built a jack extension from scrap parts to reach everything
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Nothing??? Not even a pic of it mocked up with new paws. :flipoff2:
Yeah, i've been slacking on pics. I moved the motor back a good 8" so the distributor is now in the cab. Going wheeling in the snow with the toyota and some tow pig maintenance have been taking time away from the buggy build. Got another snow trip planned so hopefully July will bring some more progress.
Did you finish this buggy? You was on your way to a sweet little buggy.
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