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Budget X Chassis Build

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Since I only have a 1 car garage, I needed a place to work first. I looked into material cost to design a carport and found a kit that was a little cheaper but came with plans so it would be quick and easy to permit and get assembled.

I got it from metaldeck.com and the first one was damaged in shipping so they sent a second one right out and I had it a few days later. Great Customer service!

It took a couple weekends to build and get inspections for it and all. In progress pic. Roof panels are 21' long and it is 15' wide. About 10' to roof or 9' to bottom of beams. Could have gone higher as I bought the RV kit but it would have looked funny with the house.

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It is about time. :flipoff2: Let me know if you need a hand.
I knew Tammy wouldn't let you run those 38's after seeing the 42 Rockers taunting you on my rig. :flipoff2:
Nothing??? Not even a pic of it mocked up with new paws. :flipoff2:
Test fit the cooler and gas tank this weekend and it fits perfect. I will probably build a small shelf for the cooler to sit on above the ammo cans as it needs to be a little higher than the gas tank for the top to open.

RCI 2171a gas tank holds 17 gallons and is 30 wide x 17 tall x 7 deep
Make sure to either have the AN fittings or to leave room for them when looking at the cooler lid height. I was surprised at how much room I needed over the tank just to clear a 90 deg fitting.
Keeping the build moving this weekend. Got the front tires mounted on rims. The front lower links on and the uppers mocked in place. Used the Artec mounts and I guess my measurements were off as I thought the driver side would land on the top of the pumpkin better. Going to have to rethink that one this week. Wheel base is sitting at 111 right now. After moving the chassis over to get the driver tire on it still fit in the garage by inches too.

Yes, the tires are past the front of the chassis.

The Richards Tavern beer was brewed by me.
What? No beer in this shot. :flipoff2:
Got the gas tank mount from Dan at Motobuilt. I drew up my gas tank in solidworks and sent it over to him and he made me a sweet tank mount since I couldn't find one that anyone was making for the RCI 2171 tank. Came out great! I love finding a shop that will work with you.
I know it is tough making only 1 but hopefully since no one else is making mounts for this tank he will make some money off the new design. Came with nice grade 8 hardware and stover style lock nuts too.
There are 6 pieces incase you are wondering. This was done to keep costs down.

Also got the cigarette lighter powered up this weekend in my 4runner as I lost power to it when I removed the wiring harness and switched to propane. Now I can charge my ipod to keep the tunes playing.

link to fuel tank thread if needed. see post 18.

That mount looks like it turned out sweet!
1 - 8 of 63 Posts
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