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Budget X Chassis Build

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Since I only have a 1 car garage, I needed a place to work first. I looked into material cost to design a carport and found a kit that was a little cheaper but came with plans so it would be quick and easy to permit and get assembled.

I got it from metaldeck.com and the first one was damaged in shipping so they sent a second one right out and I had it a few days later. Great Customer service!

It took a couple weekends to build and get inspections for it and all. In progress pic. Roof panels are 21' long and it is 15' wide. About 10' to roof or 9' to bottom of beams. Could have gone higher as I bought the RV kit but it would have looked funny with the house.

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Got my Artec double shear steering arms drilled. Glad my friend got his Bridgeport running cause that hole would have been a pain in the butt to drill straight on my $50 drill press.

I was able to measure for the steering arms so they should be here later this week. I had to redo the motor mounts since they were interfering with the headers. Luckily I had only tacked them together so I knocked them apart and built some new ones. Now they clear the headers and the suspension linkages.
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This weekend I moved the shocks outward so they now sit with about a 10 degree angle inward. I also changed my lower link mounts on the axle side to 10° since the other ones were 22°. With the wide mog axles at the start of the build, I thought I was going to need to bring the links way in. Now everything is nicely in line.

I also realized that the radiator I was going to use has the upper and lower inlet/outlet on the wrong side so I need to order a new one. I know the driver side is not fully compressed.

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Any updates?
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