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I am posting this in the Newb Section because frankly I dont exactly know where to post it.

I am looking for the program that allows you to pre build your rig on a computer so you can see if your tires are going to rub the frame, body ect... and show you wheel travel.

Thanks for any help you can offer
Do you have any drafting, mechanical drawing skills? It doesn't seem like much of a stretch to ass-u-me you've never used CAD? Bro, that is one hellova steep learning curve for the average Joe to get an accurately cycled suspension travel and the like.
I had an idea for my own CAD designed simple bumpers, brackets, and such. I pursued it for a short time on my own.:eek: I'll have to continue my pursuit later when I have more time to learn.
Perhaps you'll have better results than I did. I felt like I was feeling my way around a dark room many times.
Here's a link to a free 2-d drawing software for very basic stuff, for a little selt-test for ya.
Click on 'free version' for the download link.
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