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I've got a '90 4x4 Light duty 3/4 ton chev (1/2 ton front end, 6 lug 14 bolt rear) DD/ tow rig. I live in an area of MI with a lot of 2 tracks though I may be moving out west and I would like to set it up to be a decent chase truck/ pre runner. I'm not sure where to start. Right now the truck is ok going fast but it could be much better. It has lot of rear axle hop (a broken 2nd leaf might contribute to that) and any bump over 6" makes you slow down. I'm thinking I want to spend about a grand on frame/ suspension, later on doing a cage, buckets and harnesses. The truck still needs to be good on pavement and tow my buggy.

Front Suspension I'm thinking 2" remote res foxes, 8.5" travel should fit the stock mounts. Is it worth it to build new mounts and try and mount a set of 10" or 12" travel shocks with the stock IFS. Is there any way to get more travel cheap? Keep or ditch the sway bar? Keep the stock torsion bars or is there an upgrade i should look into? Is it worth it to replace all the bushings with poly bushings? Keep the stock bump stops or is there something better? air bumps arn't in the budget.

Rear Suspension 2" remote res foxes, How long should I go? 10" travel foxes would fit the stock mounts. If it's worth it i wouldn't mind cutting through the bed. I need a full bed at times for things like hauling scrap. I'm thinking maybe shock hoops through the bed with a removable cross bar/ spare tire mount and covers for the shocks, i'd bolt in the brace for going fast/ when i didn't need a full bed. What should I do for leafs? I'm thinking keeping the stock main leaf and then building my own packs with a bunch of leafs I have lying around. Poly bump stops and limiting straps. Do I want the springs soft or stiff? What about shackles? Rubber or poly bushings? Traction bar?

Frame reinforcement what needs to be reinforced? I'm thinking beef the shock mounts, beef the bump stock mounts, plate the frame at the steering box, do the a-arms or suspension mounts need reinforcements? What about motor and trans mounts? Keep the stock rubber or go with some sort of polly?

Any other things to adress when starting to build a truck to go fast on a budget? I know on a $1000 budget I won't have a truck that can power through the whops at crazy speeds but I would like a truck that goes fast and is fairly comfortable.

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I've seen a guy get some travel out of chevy ifs. It wasn't the prettiest work I've seen but it seemed to do its job.

What I learned talking to him:
-A cv shaft from a chevy has two means of degree freedom. On one end is a six ball cv and on the other end is something else. I'm pretty sure the six ball part is at the wheel. You have to cut and weld another six ball end onto the side of the cv that bolts to the diff.
-You need to be careful when welding the new cv on. Apparently the metal is post-weld crack prone.
-You should be able to net some cv shaft length from this opporation. You will need to lengthen your control arms to make up for it, obviously. The guy had some trouble with this. He just tried different control arm lengths to get the cv plung to a minimum. Some 4 bar analysis could have saved him some time.

He ended up with about a 4 inch wider track. This made for a softer ride with the torsion bars he was using (more leverage on the bars). The longer arms and higher missaligning cv's yeilded quite a bit more wheel travel (can't remember how much).

For the rear:
If your suspension is soft enough to not hop (meanwhile jaring your teeth out) when you hit a bump, it isn't going to have much of a pay load capacity. Soft springs or pay load. The right damping is important too but most likely your truck came with some pretty stiff springs so it wouldn't bottom out if someone put a couple of hundred pounds in the bed. You could try swaping in some half ton 2wd springs. I think they are softer. I might be confusing this with the softer torsion bars the 2wd's have. You can look to spring thickness and count to figure that out. I flipped the overload spring over on my truck and it helped.

good luck
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