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Let's talk steering arms for H2 wheels, and future recentered H1's or similar 17" beadlocks with decent backspacing to keep the rig narrow. (I see their website says confirmed to fit 17" 4.7 backspacing wheels, so if these arms stick out too far, what other arms are available?) I'll be using TRE's on the drag link and 3/4 heims on the tie rod, plus a steering assist ram on the tie rod. I really like the arm designs that have the knuckle bolt tie-in for strength which would allow me to run the 3/4 heims up a little higher but also in double sheer.

Almost exactly like these Artec arms, but without the bling. What other manufactures offer this for a good value?

Also while we're on the topic of steering and looking at those Artec arms, they have the knuckle tie-in hole measured out to 7.790", and the drag link supposedly at 8". I believe my pitman arm only measures 7" (long drop 1-ton dodge unit) so won't my turning radius worsen? Or, can I use the closer 5.750" hole to mount my 1-ton TRE from the drag link? What actually happens when your drag link is longer than the (high) steer arm? It seems that the taller my tires get and stronger my axles become, the worse the turning radius is. I'd like to reclaim my sharp turning. Perhaps it's in the 1-ton Dodge steering box I've got? I'll check in a couple weeks to see what hits first, steering box stops or steering stops on the knuckle/C's. For now let's assume the steering box has free reign.
Returning to this question as I'm still trying to decide on the specifics of what to do here. I know I want the knuckle tie-in bolt for strength. I'm already plating my knuckles as well. I'll be running H2 wheels for a few months until I get recentered H1's and larger tires (probably 41.5" Pitbulls).

I'm not all too keen on longer wheel studs as the cost for those outweighs the bennefits. I have 2.5" wheel spacers I could bolt on for use for the H2 wheels if the Artec arms don't fit, and I can re-center my future H1's to barely clear the Artec arms...unless there's a better choice for arms that allows for proper steering angles, H2 wheels and no spacers. Is there such a thing?
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