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does anybody have 351w heads in descent shape, short headers

and what about dual sumps for the oil pan? good idea especially when off camber up hill?

I might want to make it efi not sure yet.

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I have a pair of '69 351W heads that have been hottanked and checked for cracks; virgin heads, no work done to them. Offer?

Also, for 351W SEFI parts, here's a list of stuff that might help:

Cobra “R” / GT-40 lower intake M 9461 - A58 Summit $299.00
Fuel injectors (24lb.) M-9593-A302 Hawaii Racing $199.00
GT 40 upper to lower gasket M 9486 A50 “ $7.95
Mustang fuel filter + bracket 1990 Mustang Motorcraft FG-800A From Troy NC
Main harness M-12071-C302 Diversfied $300.00
Cobra upper intake M 9461 - D50 “ $183.00
Engine harness and controls package M-12071-E302 " $110.00
Computer and Mass Air meter kit M-12071-G302 " $289.00
Sensor and relay package M-12071-D302 " $115.00
Throttle body, 65mm. P/N M-9926-A302 " $159.00
Intake to block gaskets M 9439 B302 " $12.00
Throttle body to EGR gasket M 9933 A50 " $2.00
Low Pressure fuel pump, Carter P4594 AC Delco EP24 Carter from PAW $54.95
Fuel Valve, Manufacture, Pollak 42-159 Chev trucks 81 – 87 Napa P/N 2-2198 $68.49
Fuel valve electrical connector Napa P/N 2-2199 $17.49
Distributor, 89 F150 W/351W Napa P/N 48-2884 $78.99
Distributor Module, 93 Mustang Napa P/N TP 31 $72.21
Distributor adapter 89 F150 351W Napa P/N FA 146 $15.85
Distributor cap, 89 F150 351W Napa P/N FA 134 $21.71
Distributor rotor, 89 F150 351W Napa P/N FA 152 $3.53
Head gaskets Plaza Auto $37.60
Intake manifold paint Imron 43859U 1987 Kenworth KW370M D’Angelo $30.08
Throttle cable Autumn Fleet Sales $25.00
EEK IV mounting bracket " No Charge
Fuel rails, included fuel regulator " $20.00
Not used at this time 5.0L rocker covers " $25.00
VSS " $15.00
Transmission kick down cable " $20.00
Coil " $10.00
Trans bracket & lever " $5.00
Speedo cable, Frank 492-6600 3328 Silver Spur TO $6.50ft. Speed-O-Tach $39.43
Cobra upper to the GT 40 lower mounting bolts Barber Ford $16.24
K&N Filter P/N RU-3130 Pep Boys $31.18
K&N Foam Pre Filter P/N 25-0810, modified to fit the RU-3130 Pep Boys $17.36
3 inch dia. muffler pipe to connect air filter No recipt $5.00
Inertia switch Pick Your Part $1.95
Intake fittings (misc.) “ $4.75
Oxygen sensor bosses 2ea. Valley Vintage Rods $20.00
1984 Tempo W/2.3L (Canadian) the starter solenoid has the diode and both
the "S" and "T" posts l like the Bronco Napa P/N ST404
1980-92 truck, Lincoln 85-86, passanger car 87-87 Napa $14.64
6mm by 30mm bolts for mass air sensor 3ea. Pep Boys $1.20
Stainles hose clamps for mass air tube 2ea. West Marine $4.00
PCV valve, 5.0L Pep Boys $1.69
PCV Gromet, 93 Mustang Ford F7CZ-6A892-AA Plaza Auto $2.56
PCV filter, Ford E6ZZ-6A631-B / Fram CA-1510A Ford $6.78
73 mm Mass Air meter 8A101-022 Vortec $129.00
155lph T-Rex 8F002-265 Vortec $135.00

This was to eliminate oil being sucked up by the PCV valve at the back of the GT-40 lower intake manifold. Ford Motor Sports had no cure or suggestion past making sure I had the large baffel installed and a clean filter element. These they said may not completely cure the problem and they did not in my case.

I used the lowest profile Ford oil filler cap I could find and fitted it with a standard PCV grommet. this is where I installed the 5.0L PCV valve. From this I ran a 3/8 inch hose to a 3/8 inch elbow hose barb fitting installed in the threaded boss at the drivers side rear of the Cobra upper intake.
The valve cover hole at the rear of the passenger side cover was used to vent the crankcase to the fitting on the throttle body. I used a grommet made by Help, P/N 42063 and installed into the grommet a 3/8 inch barbed hose elbow Napa P/N 660 - 1656. To make it seal tightly I shrunk 3 layers of heat shrink tubing to the end inserted into the grommet. To the other end I attached a 3/8 hose going to the throttle body fitting.
The original PCV mounting hole in the rear of the GT-40 lower intake was plugged using a brass 1 1/8 inch freez plug sealed with Permatex.

REF: Fuel pressure regulator 89 – 93 Mustang $44 from Napa P/N 2-1074A
REF: Fuel filter part numbers: AC GF-10, Fram G3802A, Purolator PF 3169 Motorcraft FG-800A
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