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This is a very capable jeep. I was the original owner of the jeep. It has been wheeled, I took it through Rubicon 3-4 times, and Fordyce 2 times. It works great and rode on the highway very nicely. The gears in it are 5:13's. If nothing has been changed in the past year, the winch is wired into the cab, the lockers have been rewired so you can use the stock switch or use them alone,(i.e. front only, rear only, or both at the same time) they have their own switches. The fog light were wired into the original fog light switch on the turn signal. I looked at it about a year ago and at that time everything was the way I built it.
Thanks she hasn't returned any of my emails with questions after confirming that it was still available. Too bad, we really like it but won't commit to an 8 hr drive witout knowing a few things.
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