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I am starting a new project to swap out my Dana 30/AMC 20 with 33's combo for a Dana 60/GM 14 bolt combo with 37's.

My current axles/wheels/tires are going up for sale/trade to fund my upgrade. I would prefer to do trades for the parts I need to build my new project but trades for cash can get me there too. I am in West Ky and can haul a limited distance if you pay the gas. Shipping is an option as well, but you need to arrange. My shipping zip will be 42053. Pickup zip will be 42001.

I'm in no hurry, but if I have no takers for the whole package by the end of summer I may consider separating the axles.

Here is what I have....

Narrow Track AMC 20 3.54
Lockrite locker
Moser Engineering 1 Piece Axles
Converted to 11" Drums with new pad and internals
Extra AMC Housing (this one is trussed already)
Extra set of 2 piece stock axles
Extra 3.54 ring and pinion

Narrow Track Dana 30 3.54
Detroit locker
chromo shafts
6 Bolt lockout
New Calipers/Pads/Brake Lines
Extra DANA 30 Housing (this one reverse drilled for Hiem joints)
Extra Passenger side shaft
Extra Driver side outer stub shaft

I know 3.54's might not be the most popular, but I'm running an AMC 360 with about 400 hp and this ratio was absolutely perfect for off road power and highway speeds.

Mickey Thompson Classics 5x5.5 pattern
4x Goodyear Wranglers 33" about 30 - 40% tread left
1x Misc brand tire 33" as spare about 10% tread left

As much as I hate it when people say "This much invested, so I'll sell it for this" I do have to point out there is well over $3000 worth of parts original cost and all of these parts are still in great shape.

Seeing as how something is only worth what someone will pay, I'm open to OBO offers. I'll start the price at $1300 (If this price is ridiculous then somebody who knows a proper price, PM me and I'll adjust accordingly.)
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