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UPDATE: 07/19/17.....trans may be spoken for, so I will go ahead and split the doubler from the TH350

I had to pull up the pics just to get the dates, but it was 3 years ago this week I tore all of this down and it's collecting dust. The buggy is changing again, and I'm thinking about running something slightly lighter than "indestructible"

(deleted trans info)...

The doubler was a SMW (Sumner Machine Works) setup, all 32 spline. The Chevy NP205 was custom machined to accept the 32 spline input, and outputs all swapped for the 32 spliners. Big Ford rear flange and 1350 u-bolt style front yoke. Both cases were completely gone through in 2010 when I was building this turd up, and have seen less than 10 trips total, most of which were short days.

JB conversions SS twin sticks which have been modified a few times, and the triple stick is a homemade jobber. I also bought a TNT Customs NP205 bearing support t-case mount....basically it uses the 205's back bearing retainer to mount a builder's poly mount....never installed.

Going to try to sell this as a combo first, but I'll split it up soon if it doesn't go, $1100

I am willing to knock some price off if you've got parts to trade, mostly I need a NP241, Rockwell wheel brakes (disks), maybe some DOM, Military 37" MTR's, DE Rockwell steering ram, lockouts, rear bench seat, maybe more?
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