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Front Axle:
-85' Housing, knuckle gussets/shock mounts, diff armor, truss, Marlin seals, IFS Hubs, quick change setup (tacoma rotors, ifs calipers) IFS hubs with stock hub gears....$300
-V6 third member w/ARB air locker and new 5.29 R&P w/ solid spacer (1 very mild run on it) triple drilled flange...$1000 with the ARB compressor and switches/solenoids etc...3RD MEMBER IS SOLD, STILL HAVE COMPRESSOR AND ACCESSORIES...$100
-30 Spline Long's w/ hub gears...SOLD
-U Bolt flip kit...SOLD
-1.5" spacers...$50
-TG High steer with 6 stud arms (no 6 stud knuckles)....$250
-Surplus Center 1.5x6 ram, all necessary lines and fittings (3 runs on HA setup, works flawless!)
-Tapped steering box with flat pitman arm, i'll include a drop arm as well....complete HA setup....SOLD
-Spare housing, 2 spare knuckles, spare third member housing, a couple spare carriers, spare axle shafts/birfs (1 set) and a bunch of bearings....Included with the housing for an extra $50
....Buy everything for $2500

Rear axle:
-94' housing w/ link brackets for triangulated 4 link...$75
-V6 chunk 5.29 R&P (3 runs on it) solid spacer, welded carrier, done the right way (pre heat, post heat, etc)..SOLD
-stock shafts w/ Tacoma rotors and IFS calipers (new pads) 1 run on the disk brake setup....SOLD
-2" spacers...$50
-couple spare shafts...included with housing

Entire axle for...$700

buy em' as a package $3000

I am located in Ellensburg, but frequently travel to the Seattle area, and would have no problem delivering these. Shipping is possible on buyers dime.

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heres a few pictures...

the hydro assist setup will come with both a drop arm and the slightly bent flat arm...I will also include a flex-a-lite cooler and all necassary lines...Hell you can even have my modded V6 steering pump!

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