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Bumpstop location,SOA yj's

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Setting my bumpstops up front this weekend, its an 83 CJ7 SOA outboarded YJ springs,looking for some mounting ideas everywhere i hold em up kinda looks like ass,how did you mount yours,(location, fabbed mounts)Pics? I'm thinking some boxed up angle iron behind the shock tower,, Just kinda looking for some ideas,whatcha got

Aint to hardcore but hey it's fab right:flipoff2:
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Didn't run bumpstops on my YJ w/leaf springs.

I replaced 2 or 3 leafsprings in about 5 or so years of wheeling the jeep from hitting stuff to hard or to fast... never replaced a spring because of neg. arch from flexing. I wheeled atleast 2-3 a month with it during those years too.

Personally I'd save the $ from bumps and just buy some spare leaf springs :)
Just ran rancho's on my soa cj (Rubicon Express 1.5" springs) A friend with an 83 and the same suspension is also running them.


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