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I got this from another land issue site. It is long, but VERY important to us!!!!!!!!!!

LAND GRABBER JOHN TURNER being considered by BUSH for SECRETARY OF INTERIOR, or other Interior Department post!!!!!!
We have received several hundred emails in just one day in response to our request for Bush administration appointments. There are many GOOD PEOPLE out there who believe in private property rights and multiple use of federal lands who belong in the executive branch.
We'll have a comprehensive update and list in the next couple of days to share and ask for more input.
Right now however, there is a disaster in the making that needs to be derailed IMMEDIATELY!!!
We hit a hornets nest when we sent out the name John Turner as an example of Someone who SHOULD NOT be appointed to any position of power in the Interior Department.
We had no idea so many people knew about John Turner nationally. We did not know that Turner has a real shot at being Secretary of the Interior. He may be Under Secretary or the Assistant Secretary for Fish, Wildlife and Parks. Any of those positions would put him in charge of the National Park Service and US Fish and Wildlife Service.
Turner in any those jobs would be a disaster for landowners, ranchers, miners, forestry advocates, inholders, snowmobilers, recreationists and other users of the Federal lands. It would be a nightmare for anyone facing enforcement of the Endangered Species Act. It would be a slap in the face for many Bush supporters.
Does the Transition Team really KNOW the background of John Turner?
Because VP Dick Cheney is from Wyoming, many of the people on the transition team have ties to Wyoming. Turner is a personal friend of the Vice President. Wyoming is a great state that has a relatively small population. It is like a terrific small town.
Some of us know John Turner. He's a nice guy. His mother, brother and family ranch are inholders in Grand Teton National Park. His mother has even been a member of the American Land Rights Association.
But John Turner has been very careful NOT to do his extreme Conservation Fund activities in Wyoming. So most people in Wyoming don't really know how he used the Conservation Fund for massive land acquisition across the country and to help the Park Service, Fish and Wildlife Service and other land acquisition agencies to convert private land into government land, undermining freedom in America.
John Turner has never "done a deal" or accomplished a land exchange in his own backyard of Wyoming that we know of. He knows better than to play the Conservation Fund scam on his own neighbors and friends. He knows how much Wyoming land owners do not want MORE GOVERNMENT or controls placed on their lands and rights. He knows he would not dare risk such stuff as conservation easements, private lands leveraged exchanges and outright acquisitions of private lands in Wyoming. He knows to do such things would jeopardize his political influence in Wyoming. That would hurt is power nationally.
This E-mail is not about personality...it is about who is RIGHT for the job of Secretary of the Interior. It is about who is going to carry out George W. Bush's vision for America. It is about whether you voted for
George W. Bush only to have him put the same kind of people in charge of taking your land that you've had to fight off during the Clinton-Gore Administration.
John Turner as President and CEO of the Conservation Fund represents top down, command and control land use planning Federal big government. He fits the Clinton-Gore mold. He does not fit in a Bush-Cheney Administration.
The Conservation Fund is a massive foundation funded land trust that exemplifies the most threatening of all organizations in America today..a WOLF in SHEEP's clothing. The name sounds good, the leadership is likeable but they leave net gains in federal lands, reserves, preserves, wildlands, wilderness, parks and refuges in their path. They leave a lot of broken towns, damaged schools, and destroyed tax bases in their wake. And they encourage increases in Federal regulations and red tape. They are the enemy of rural America.
John Turner supported CARA, the Condemnation and Relocation Act. Remember CARA and you have described the way the Conservation Fund works. John Turner and the Conservation Fund SUPPORT conservation easements which undermine private land ownership and the local tax base. They love Federal
land acquisition funded by the Land and Water Conservation Fund. Big oil, gas and minerals money goes into this FUND to support land exchanges, acquisitions and conservation easements. Looks good... SMELLS BAD.
The Conservation Fund brags about "retiring" grazing permits and buying private timberland, working deals to buy huge amounts of private land and conservation easements, most often turning vast amounts of acreage over to government ownership. Never mind the lost jobs and damaged communities.
The Conservation Fund has systematically acquired millions of acres of private land through donations, exchanges and purchase for the US Government.
The Conservation fund often operates in stealth, just like the Rockefellers did when they secretly purchased most of what is now Grand Teton National Park from ranchers having no idea they were endangering their lifestyle.
Now John Turner uses Rockefeller money to do the same thing in other national parks, wildlife refuges and natural areas all over America. He is working right now to convert 26 million acres of the Northern Forests
of Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont and New York into Federal ownership and control.
WHERE were you when John Turner was the Director of the US Fish and Wildlife Service from 1988 to 1993?
This is when the Endangered Species Act and Spotted Owl controversy took hold and the precedents were set under the US Fish and Wildlife Service. This is when tens of thousands of rural residents lost their jobs. This is when the dominos began to fall for the Endangered Species Act and rural America.
The Conservation Fund has received millions of dollars of tax deductible contributions from oil, gas and minerals companies that then donate their abandoned or excess properties to the Conservation Fund in order to be used to leverage HUGE government land exchanges. The result is always less private land, more government land.
The Conservation Fund was started by Pat Noonan who founded and led the Nature Conservancy to national prominence. The Conservation Fund has worked quietly with the Land Trust Alliance and other organizations to teach thousands of people how to take your land and convert it to government ownership.
There is no way for us the list all the examples people sent us about the Conservation Fund and John Turner. The bottom line is he represents the exact opposite of the type of person who should be running any aspect of the Interior Department.

- -----Call your both your Senators to stop Turner from being confirmed by the Senate. Any Senator may be reached at (202) 224-3121. When you call, ask for his or her fax number. Ask them to call the Bush-Cheney Transition Team in opposition to Turner.
-----Send us by fax or E-mail a request for the "NO Turner, NO Land Grab" poster. MAKE SURE TO SEND YOUR FAX NUMBER. We'll fax it to you. You can then FAX IT TO YOUR SENATOR.
- -----Fax a copy of the poster to Senators Craig Thomas (R-WY) FAX - (202)224-1724 or Wyoming FAX (307) 638-3512 and Mike Enzi (R-WY) FAX - (202)228-0359 or Wyoming FAX (307) 772-2480.
- -----Call any Wyoming friends to urge them to contact the Transition Team about Turner.
- -----Send an E-mail with your opinion to the Bush-Cheney Transition team at: [email protected]
- -----Write a note or letter to: Bush-Cheney Presidential Transition Foundation, Inc. 1616 Anderson Rd, McLean, VA 22102.
- -----Send an E-mail to American Land Rights information about good people who should be appointed to the Bush-Cheney Administration and those who should not. Try to give us more than just their names. A little specific background is helpful. Send us your resume if you wish to join the Administration.
Be sure to send it to the address above also.
- -----Forward this message to at least five other people. Your whole list if possible.


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