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Okay, I am about to deploy again and I have decided to sell my junk (if anyone is interested) rather than put her in storage for another year and let the it fall apart on me.

Here is the junk:

1989 Toyota XCab V6 4x4 Deluxe.
- 162, 000 miles
- Salvage Title. It was totaled in December of 1994 in Taos County NM. The CARFAX report says "Vehicle involved in crash with a ditch. Moderate or Severe damage reported." A Junk title was issued from Texas in December 1994. There was another accident in December 2002 in Dona Ana County. "Vehicle involved in crash with another motor vehicle. Moderate or servere damage reported." I don't know what damage was done on these accidents, but I know that there is a new fender and door on the passenger side.
- Clutch is starting to slip
- Pinion seal is leaking on rear axle
- Interior is pretty bad. Cracks on the dash, stains on the floor. I put seat covers on, but the seats are really not that bad.
- Air conditioner works very well, but it is constantly on. Turning the A/C button on or off has no effect. So long as the blower is on, your getting A/C
- Passenger mirror is broke. It has a hole in it...
- Engine is strong.
- Bought new battery in May. It was in storage for one year while I was in Korea.
- Tires are great (33x12.50 BFG MT KM). They have approx 80% tread on them.
- Has roll bar. I took off the booty-fab lights that were on it though.
- Paint job is still pretty good. There are a few scratches here and there, but most people can't tell it is an 89. It has been in NM/TX for its entire life up until May when I brought it to TN and because of this, it has no rust at all.
-Has CD player, amp and woofers. When I bought the truck, the stereo didn't work, so I went to Walmart and got the cheapest CD player I could find and installed it. I think I paid about $40, when I installed it, I ended up having some monster sound out of this thing... I am sure it isn't competition or anything, but it is damn loud to me.

I have owned the truck for about a year and a half. It was in storage from March of 2004 to May of 2005. I have only put a total of about 5k miles on it. I am about to deploy again for another year after only being home for about 2 months.

I live in Clarksville TN (40 miles northwest of Nashville).

Asking 2.5k. Buyer must take possession of vehicle NO LATER THAN the 23rd of July.



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It is a great daily driver with a strong engine and no major mechanical problems. The only problems are the leaking rear pinion seal (easy fix) and the clutch has started slipping.... would also be a kick-ass base vehicle for an offroading monster.
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