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VTrx7 said:

Also, I'm familiar with rotaries, but this is the first samurai I've owned, is there anything specific I should check (besides the usual fluids and belts) before I drive it 1500 miles home?
Rent a trailer and save yourself ALOT of potential problems! Even if the swap was done correctly you still may have some vibrations with the short intermediate shaft and you may be swapping U-joints on the side of the road. As others previously stated, you could also have cooling problems with it. MAKE SURE this guy is 100% certain about the way it runs and drives before driving it home. If he sounds like he is unsure, but just does not want to say "Yes sir, you are buying a P.O.S." then you better get a trailer! If you do drive it home anyway BRING TOOLS!

my 2 cents.....

Sean (Scared of HillBilly Engineering!) DeVinney
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