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07 FJ Cruiser, 72 F250 CrewCab
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Hey guys, I posted this on another forum but have yet to hear any feedback and figured this would be a good place to ask as well.

I currently purchased a 72 F250 CrewCab (See below pic) and it has a 91 F350 drive train: a 351W, C6 and a BW1356 manual shift with D60 front axle and Sterling 10.25 rear axle.

Of course you wanted to see this beast of a 72 F250 CC rollin on 40's I recently purchased. And yes, it dwarfs my FJ Cruiser on 35's!

One of the previous owners of my newly purchased truck was thinking of changing the transfer case to the electric shift (I don't know why you would do that) and never hooked up the shifter/linkage to the BW 1356. When I was looking at how to hook up the linkage/shifter on the transfer case it looks like it's going to hit the floor pan and come out right at the bottom right corner of the floor pan which is right where I rest my foot. From what I can tell and have seen on the interwebs is the early shift linkages (87-91) had a shift pattern where you would pull the lever back to go into 4H, and then push the lever to the left and then back to go into N and then back and to the right to go into 4L. It seems like it's just a lever on the shift linkage to go around a notch on the mounting plate and nothing on the transfer-case which brings me to my question on updating to the newer (and available) shift linkage. Pic of the early version of the shift linkage as is on my truck:

Here is the 87-91 shift linkage that I have on my truck. Yes, I stole this picture from the interwebs.

On the newer style shift linkage you'd be pulling the lever to go into 4H and then pushing the shift lever down and back to go into N and then back again for 4L. It looks like you can also rotate the shifter position by about 120 deg. as well which would help locate the shifter to a more desirable location in my truck. Here's a pic of the newer style (and available) shift linkage.

View attachment 3107011
92+ shift linkage for a BW1356 connected to an E4OD (I have a C6).

The shift pattern seems like it's all in the linkage and not at the transfer case so I'm going to assume you can possibly just upgrade the shift linkage. I can't seem to source parts online so I was wondering if anyone has just installed a newer style shift linkage and had it work.

My question is this, has anyone upgraded the shift linkage on the 87-91 BW1356 transfer cases (pic below) to the 92+ shift linkage? I realize I may need to shorten the linkage bar between the tranny and transfer case which is easy to do (I have a welder and lots of 3/16" sheet) so that's not a problem.

Thanks for listening to my long ramblings...
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