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Fastener Tech
By Bill "BillaVista" Ansell
Photography: Bill Ansell
Technical Drawings: Lonny Handwork
Copyright 2005 - BillaVista Offroad Tech


BillaVista Offroad Tech, in conjunction with Xtreme Offroad Magazine and Pirate4x4.com brings you:

Fastener Tech - a 13 page electronic version of the tech article BillaVista originally wrote for the second issue of Xtreme Offroad Magazine. In this monster article BillaVista covers all aspects of fastener tech, including answering the following questions:
  • Should I use Grade 5 or Grade 8 bolts?
  • Should I use a bolt or a stud? What's the difference?
  • Lock washer, castellated nut, or Nylock nut - which works better and why?
  • What's the proper method for setting and checking torque?

Click on the title of the article to open the electronic PDF version of this article.

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