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Calling out to fullsizes in Arizona

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I'm looking at putting together a run in Arizona primarily for fullsizes & I am wondering who would be interested.
At this point, we're looking probably sometime in November to avoid ARCA finals, & the jamboree.
I'm thinking a 3.5 rated trail, something challenging, but not something we can't get a moderatly built fullsize over... but not something you'll want to run if you fear a little body damage. Raw Deal is what I have in mind right now, but I'll keep any other suggestions in mind.
I already have set up coverage from 1 internet magazine, www.alloffroad.com & I am going to see if there's any interest from a second.
Anyone that would be interested, let me know & I'll be working on seeing what I can set up for this.
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Bring it to NorCal and I'm with ya.
78 F150 4.56 Trutrac, Detroit, 36" tsl radials no regard for preserving the once flawless body and paint condition <IMG SRC="smilies/cool.gif" border="0">
Sounds interesting. Keep me posted!
i got 2 subs, 2 blazers and a short bed in my group that might want to run.
I'm not a fullsize but weight that much...count me in....should be interesting!
Raw Deal is pretty dam easy. I would meet up just to see the big guys run it though. <IMG SRC="smilies/biggrin.gif" border="0">
kick ass guys... I'll keep ya posted as I can figure things out... as I'm sure you know, the next few months are pretty busy down here as far as wheeling.
Jack, yea, I know it's a moderate one, but I want to try to get as many of the big boys out as possible... The trail still might change though, just wanted to see what kind of response I could get now, I'll try to figure all this out & let everyone know ASAP
Nov 10th, not 100% on that, but damn close
if anything changes, I'll let ya know
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