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When I was stopped abrupt.

Application is a Ford 9" rear from around 1977. The third member was replaced with a 31 spline of unknown donator.The shafts were grabbed from E-bay after confirming operating length, spline count and operational bearings.

Fast forward three years.....and maybe 12,000 miles....

Today, in reassembling the posi-trac in the rear, and noticing that the passenger side bearing needed to be replaced, I pulled the number on the race and attempted to find another....

No dice. No where that I look. Called Randy's and he doesn't even know!!

Info is : EB Bower part # R1580 stamped into outer race.

The outside diameter of this bearing is 3".
The diameter of the shaft at the bearing machining is 1.6265
The inside diameter of the bearing that I have is 1.5000

I was told that the outside expansion tolerance is .1000 for the bearing, and the keeper will withstand .4000 expansion.

So, basically, I'm looking for either (1)another shaft that can utilize the bearing I.D. of 1.5 (maximum shaft diameter of 1.5500 at the bearing machining)

(2)a place to purchase a new part R1580 (EB Bower)

Mr. N....

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R 1580 bearing is also known as a RUB 1580 EBF....


It's a non-standard cylindrical roller bearing with a 1.6248 inside diameter, and a 3.1496 outside diameter....
This means that my shaft is non-standard...

Perhaps a Moser unit? The race plane on the axle is 1.6265 , so the tolerance is not exceeded, but this bearing is ....uh....
$116 !!!

Anybody got an extra stock shaft ?
31 and some odd inches long (9 inch should use both sides as the same length with a 3 inch (big bearing) w/ 31 splines....
and a decent bearing in place?
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