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warn sell's this Kit,, You need to Contact Warn for this Kit it Has many Option's the Guy rambled on for about an hour and you'r Local 4x4 Shop will not Know About this Kit or Part # they can Order it but don,t know the part #'s , Bassicaly Built For currie and his 35, spline 9 inch and 60, with 5,5 1/2 full float assembly it comes with 35 spline Axles Hub's for 5 5 1/2 pattern bearing's and new spindle's for warn type Hub's I belive you cut the Original flange of the 60 ,,,,,, the 60 end's new spindle supp with Kit also with 9 inch kit But not sure on this???? you Need to ask!! and 35 spline Outer Hub's it is Pretty sick Kit if have and want too retain 5 on 5 1/2 pattern for the money it's well worth it I ran full float in my rev 44 and never had any Axle Breakage 4130 chrome Alloy shaft's also so you get good Parts

there Are 2 Option's and there are 2 Different types 1 is for Nine inch end's and the other is Six bolt
Dana 60 Flange they have the Dimension and What year Vehicles these came in
Maybe you have the Right One?? Kits Go for About 800 buck's or more And you get Disc Brake brake Bracket's for Chevy metric Caliper's
s-10, cadilac ,etc

this is Probably the Kit or set Up you saw!!!!

Yes it is Possible to Make 5on 5 1/2 Pattern on full float stock hub assembly you just need A lath to Machine down the outer full float Bearing Hub wich has enough Meat to do this and re drill the 5 on 5 1/2 pattern in the Hub assembly My friend has Done 14 bolt's and Has had Great success with this he is able to run my old Champion beadlock's at 5on 5 1/2 pattern and stock wheel spacing no crazy offset's,,,,, 1/2 ton front Rotor, 1/2 chevy, Ford caliper and Modify Disc Brake Bracket to fit

Stock Bracket is Posible or After Market one so you can Fab up something depend How serious you are and How bad you want this set up

Anything is Poss

I kept Mine all eight lug and did'nt worry about it,

but there are Not as Good beadlock selection as I would Like,,,, but that is Another story <IMG SRC="smilies/jeep1.gif" border="0"> <IMG SRC="smilies/jeep1.gif" border="0"> <IMG SRC="smilies/jeep1.gif" border="0">

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