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Ok, hate to do this but it's got to go. Just don't get time to ride much anymore and this business is putting a strain on my bank account.
The CR500 has all the goodies. Starts on the first kick and runs like a dream. I bought it from my buddy who purchased it new off the lot. He put like 8 rear tires on it and sold it to me. I put a new front tire on it and 4 rear tires. With that said, it really doesn't have much time on the bike at all and is virtually new for a dirt bike. Then with the last tire, I put an Oring chain and sidewinder sprokets on it front and rear. It still has the last tire I put on it but could use a new one. The front tire still has the knubs on the sides and looks brand new.
The motor has never been apart. Top or bottom.
Has RAD valve
FMF Fatty pipe
Jetted properly for 3 to 5K feet.
Aftermarket foot pegs
Bark busters
Scotts Steering dampener (Paid like 450 for that)
Pro Taper bars
Sparky arrester
Ready to ride.
Also registered till 07
Since it's super clean, no rips in the seat etc. I would like to sell it for $2800.00 OBO So if you think you can hang on to this beast, let me know if your interested.
Either by email [email protected] or by phone 530-642-8003

If you like the sand, I also have a 10 paddle sand tire for it as well because you can whip anything that even remotely thinks they can beat you in the sand.


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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