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I couldn't handle the crapurator that was on the CJ so off it came and I put an MC2100 (could be 2150) on. Now I have a couple of questions.

There are two vacuum ports on the carb. One I assume one is for the distributor and then there is the second which I'm not sure what to do with. It's the one on the very back of the carb (closest to the firewall) When the jeep is running it is producing q good amount of vacuum.

Second question...I now realize that there is no PCV port on this carb. It must have been on the little adapter plate that was lest on the ford van that this came off of. What are my options. Is it nesseccary to have it ported to the carb?

Now that this carb is on there can I, with out screwing anything up pull and plug most all those vacuum lines too?

Thanks for the help
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