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Ok, I just swapped a MC2100 off a 60's 302 Mustang onto my 258 CJ7. It has #47 jets & 1.08 venturi. After I got it on, it runs, but rough, high idle and pretty rich. Theres a huge vaccum leak where the brake booster connects to the intake, but If I plug it the engine dies. I started with the mixture screws 2 turns out and went both ways a half turn at a time but no change. So thats the main problem. Like I said I'm learning carbs as I go here, So I'm sure I'm just missing something.

Couple other ?'s:
-the choke has a small vac port, and no elect connection. Where should that line run to?
-on the front of the carb, right in the middle, there is a port with a Y-shaped bolt pattern. The port is pointing up. I cant find anything on what this is, and what to hook it to. right now its plugged.

I have good pics, I'll post em up this evening.
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