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About a week ago I picked up a used Carolina HD-10 bandsaw on craigslist for $250. I had read some good but also some bad about them (will not cut straight) but I went ahead and bought it since horizontal band saws are hard to come by here in Vegas.

I was pretty dirty and the motor was making alot of noise, so I wasn't sure I made a good choice. First thing I did was pull appart the guides, clean them and reinstall them with an eyeball alignment. The bypass hose on the decent ram had a big leak too so I replaced it and refilled the ram. After testing it with the trashed blade that came with the saw, it was cutting within a 1/16" on a piece of 5/8" X 6" barstock (biggest piece of steel I have) using spray can cutting oil. Since it cut this well with no adjustments and a bad blade I decided it was worth it to do some cleanup and a quick paint job on the saw. It turns out that Rustoleum Accents, moss green color is almost an exact match for the orignal paint. I used 1 can of paint + 1 can of glossy clear and spent about an hour on prep, mostly cleaning the tray that had 1/2" of hardend grime. Then I added castors and a bottom frame that would slope the saw to drain the coolant. I also added oil to the motor bearings & it quieted down nicely

Next thing I did was build a coolant system which cost me about $25 in parts using a 145 gph fountain pump from Harbor freight, 3 gallon bucket, and a few fittings and 1/4" od vinyl hose. I had to add a diverter and drill a drain into the tray. The coolant system works great and with the drain plugged I should get very little evaporation. I may add an adjustmet valve near the nozzle some day to control the flow better but for now its not worth the $6 for the valve

After adding coolant (Astro-cut B @ 1:20) and putting on a new blade, (starret 14tpi) I eyeballed the blade and fence alignment a little better, and it was cutting the barstock with 1/32" on the long side. This saw cuts as well as my neighbors Grizzly 7X12 (same taiwan unit as the Jet & Wilton) with over an inch more of capacity. The frame does seem a little flimsy, but with everything aligned, it does not really affect the cut.

The few things I'd like to address are as follows; The coolant runs down the blade & drips on the floor, so for now I have a pan to catch it. The decent ram has a slight leak at the rod, so I'll have to fill the ram every now and then, I'll probably ditch the hydraulic fluid and go with some thicker oil to slow the leak down and maybe make the decent adjustment a little smoother. On another forum I saw where you can purchase a new ram from the original mfg for $45, (Carolina wants $99) so I may go that route or get a better quality ram elsewhere. Then my dumbass stripped out the cam bolt that tensions the guide on the blade. I ordered 2 new ones directly from Carolinaequipment.com for $8 ea. They have great customer service and carry all the replacement parts for their saws. The last thing I'd like to do is add something that make tensioning the motor easier.

Overall I'm happy with the saw and it beats my chopsaw hands down! I'll hopefully never have to use it again.

Here's a few pics:


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