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Chain guide help!

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Engine has been making a knocking noise for a while! So i i took the valve cover off to see if it was the timing chain. Everything looks O.K. but wtf do i know. One thing i did notice is that the driver side guide will move a lot if i push on it, it looks like the top bolt that holds it on isn't doing anything.
Is this what my noise is coming from?

Pleas help!!
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id take off the head, cause its the proper way to change a timing chain, pluss you can rebuild the head, and clean the intake, change the fuel filter real easy, and put in an engnbldr cam .

as for taking crank pully off:
yeah put the tranny in 5th gear, put the parking brake on, then have at it with a breaker bar plus have someone push the brakes

good luck :flipoff2:
as for the starter id check the battery, then id check it its getting power from the brown connector, if both ok then maybe the solinoid contacts are bad.
1 - 2 of 28 Posts
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