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Root Moose said:

No sense importing what you can't drive on the highway (legally). US vehicle saftey regs are among the strictest in the world in that if the vehicle doesn't pass full certification it can't be driven on the road.
Now, don't confuse this with strict in the sense that the safety concerns are paramount - just that you have to jump through the NHTSA/DOT hoops to get it on the road.
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Not saying anyone should do anything illegal of course....

You can do what alot of the mini cooper guys have done for years. Bring a vehicle into the country in a few different pieces. This way its just 'replacement parts'. Once here, reassemble and accidentally mix up the paperwork on it and another Samurai title you might have laying around. Sometimes those VIN tags can fall off too. You can always reattach them with a pop-rivoter.

Your aftermarket modification pieces will be highly limited in North America though, even items as basic as lockers.
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