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for sale is my white TJ

rubicon express 2"bb with superlift shocks
33" Bridgestone A/T tires on black rock crawlers
brand new best top super top
no carpet
backseat can be included
new clutch and throwout bearing installed
death wobble finally fixed by professionals

driver seat has a tear
steering wheel is in rough shape on the top
radio don't work (just got a little wet, but there are nice speakers all around that still work)
AC needs a new clutch (blows cold when you tap the clutch to engage)
pass fender and pass side of cowl has a "little" damage
4wd works
hpd30/d35 with 4.10s
detroit full case locker in front/open rear
gothere engineeering front bumper (slightly modified from full to shorty)
custom rear tire carrier
high lift jack on hood

Trail Tampon
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i need 4K for it,

i will trade for a chevy d60 or some other stuff, i am VERY open to trades and i can deliver to almost anywhere for the price of diesel and some cash depending on the location.

the engine is STRONG, my little brother drove it back and forth to school till he parked it to change the clutch. has not moved since.

gimmie a call if you have any questions.

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