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just bought a new rig,

79 f-150 shortbed with a 9" rear.

I want a full spool in the rear, i found a site a while back that had a fullspool for 130, it was some rockcrawler site, but now i cant find it, does anyone know where i can get the cheapest full spool is,

My second ? is what shafts are the best, i got 525 to spend all together,
whats shafts are the strongest,

also what is the best spline count

cause my thinkin was when i change the shafts i can change the spools spline at the same time, to basicly change the splines all together in the back,

will be running 36" iroks, or possibly 35" boggers,
cant decide if my tired old 351 will have enough power to spin and clean the 35 boggers, cause from what i researched boggers are only worth it if u can spin them super fast and have high horse ratings, thanks

front is already rebuilt with an open diff, stock shafts and new u-joints and bearings,

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