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I am pondering the idea of building a 4 link rear setup in the rear of my XJ to help balance it back out. Using the 4 link calc in the link below http://www.pirate4x4.com/forum/showthread.php?t=204893&highlight=anti+squat
I came up with what I think is a good setup but I am just learning antisquat/geometry and any advise would be great.
On most rear 4 links Ive seen for the XJ they place the frame ends very close together which I came up with a very high AS%(190+/-%) and have the lowers mounted below the frame rail. not wanting to decrease the GC I placed the lowers inside and level with the bottem of the rail then the uppers will actually mount above the frame rail right under the rear seat. This provides good separation and a more acceptable AS%(92%)...from what ive read. The upper will also mount to the axle with a single joint mounted horizontally and have bent-gusseted arms to help with exhaust clearance. Is there any downfalls to using a single CA axle end joint as far a geometry/handling characteristics? This is on a 90XJ with about 6" of lift HP30 front/8.8 rear and currently 33s...after this project will have 35s-37s with heavier axles, at least the front. For rear springs I am thinking ZJ coils but havent got that far yet. :confused:

Heres the cut and pasted specs I came up with, if I knew how to post the diagram I would have.. Thanks in advance!

Wheelbase 103.0 in
Tire Diameter 33.20 in
Tire Rolling Radius 15.50 in
Vehicle CG Height 41.00 in
Vehicle Mass 4,500 lb
Front Unsprung Mass 500lb
Rear Unsprung Mass 450lb

Upper Links x y z
Frame End 25.00 13.00 24.75 in
Axle End -1.00 0.00 22.00 in
Lower Links x y z
Frame End 34.00 13.00 21.00 in
Axle End 3.63 16.00 14.50 in

Anti-Squat 92 %
Roll Center Height 22 in
Roll Axis Angle 9 degrees (Roll Oversteer)
Instant Center X-Axis 77 in
Instant Center Z-Axis 30 in
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