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I have an auto tranny out of a 1997 ZJ. I have the transfer case out of that Zj(i believe it is a 242). I also have a Zj rear axle with the disc brake on it, Still mounted. The zxle is not for sale as I have other jeeps around me that want the parts. I believe it is a 8.25 as the housings look the same.

I also have a motor that was involved in a fire(search for my posts and you will see the thread) AX-15, and a NP231 transfer case out of a 1991 Jeep Cherokee. The motor was out of the 1997 Zj mentioned above and had around 150000 on the clock.

I also have a 4.0 that needs rod and main bearings in the bottom end. i replaced lifters push rods, etc last year and then blew the bottom end!

242 transfer case out of ZJ: $100 OBO
Tranny out of ZJ : $50 OBO
Crossmember out of ZJ : $25 OBO
Front Axle out of ZJ(no brackets): $100 (busted spiders, good brake parts)
4.0 engine(in fire): : $100
4.0 engine(needs rod and main bearings, maybe freshened up): $100
AX-15 tranny (comes with clutch kit, still in box): $275
1997 ZJ Intake Manifold with throttle body still attached: $150 or best offer
HP dana 30 out of 1991 Cherokee with 3.07 gears: FREE TO GOOD HOME/MUST COME GET IT!
Back hatch to a 1991 Cherokee with good glass: $100 Stickers come with it
Side windows for 1991 2 door: $100.

PM on all. All values are or best offer. This stuff has got to go. I traded my new jeep for a toyota yesterday and I need the rooom to start working on it!

Located just north of Louisville, KY
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