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First and foremost I am located in Portland, Oregon. I prefer a local pickup but I am willing to ship if the buyer arranges shipping and pays for it.

I'm selling my Dana 44 rear axle that came off of a 1987 Jeep Cherokee XJ. The axle has roughly 125k on it and Yukon 4.56 gears. Everything is in fantastic condition and the axle has absolutely ZERO rust on it.

I've taken off the diff cover to inspect and can say for 100% certain that all of the gears inside of the pumpkin show hardly any signs of wear whatsoever. No missing teeth, broken parts, etc.

This axle is a direct bolt on to any year of Cherokee XJ.

For those of you who have a TJ this will fit as long as you re-weld the mounts to the proper location which is actually very straight forward. On top of that the Dana 44 axle from the XJ is supposed to be a bit stronger than the Dana 44 that is found on the TJ from what I've read.

On top of that it will fit various other models of Jeeps with small modifications as well.

I'm asking $350 firm. I would like to stress the fact that my price is FIRM! I will not take even $20 less so if you try that you're just wasting your time. Also, I'm not looking for any trades, just cash.

If you want it you can get in touch with me via phone or text at 503.701.5752.



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