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85 Toyota front axle, 4.30 gears, trussed (Really trussed) Hydro ram mount and guard. Axle housing and 3rd, no axles. $150

Tacoma rear axle, Trussed. 4.30 complete 3rd and 4.10 complete 3rd. $300

63" chevy spring kit. Includes springs, Bud built mounts (slider type) and shackles. $150 o.b.o.

83 top shift transfer case. complete minus shifter $50

I would be willing to trade on parts to complete my buggy. I need 14" or 16" air shocks, Toyota brake booster set up. Radiator for 22r toy. Toy driveshafts.

I can't get my photobucket to work (don't know why) so I can e-mail pics or if someone wants to post pics for me I would greatly appreciate it.

Located in Harlan Ky. 606-627-9593
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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