Best offer and deals if buying multiple items.

I pulled this motor from a running Yukon Denali. It's an iron block 6.0L with drive by wire. I have the pedal, ecu, and factory harness. When I got it I installed new fel pro head gaskets and head bolts.

The TH400 transmission has an HD case. I was told it was originally from an H1. Has 1800rpm stall converter.

Ford NP205 with ORD adapter for TH400. Has the 31 spline input which will fit a 32 spline input without modification. It's been a while but if I remember correctly you just need to swap the 31 spline input with the long 32 spline input shaft ORD and others sell. The TH400 has a 2.5" stick out output shaft.

I'm parting out my project. Moved from a house to a townhouse and don't have space to work on it so it's been sitting in a storage unit.

I can ship via FedEx freight (at your expense) as I get a discount through my job but prefer pickup in NJ.

Coilovers and front axle already sold. Still have an 43" interco tsl stickies on steel wheels with DIY beadlocks 8x170, trussed big bearing Ford 9" with Yukon center section with 5.38 gears and a Detroit locker.